The top concern of foreign business


The world is more developed and integrated, working with foreign partners is no longer a new issue, but in order to have a better understanding with these clients, Mizuland, with long-term experience in consulting, supporting many customers from Japan, the US, Korea …., will find out what the top concerns of foreign businesses are so that we can have more suitable plans and strategies in the approach.

1. Knowledge

One of the biggest difficulties for foreign businesses is the legal issue. You need to understand the legal procedures, the knowledge of the Law, as well as the transaction processes related to the Government departments. In particular, as a real estate brokerage company, you need to thoroughly understand the types of real estate that customers are interested in, thereby giving customers the most appropriate and effective advice.

In addition, you should provide more information about the people, culture, environment, and industry-related trends in the market you are responsible for.



2. Communication

The next big obstacle for foreign businesses is communicating in their own language. With the field of office leasing, communication does not stop at basic and polite conversations but also providing detailed and accurate information in verbal and official documents. This requires the brokerage company to ensure the recruitment and training of personnel who have both in-depth knowledge of real estate and the ability to communicate in foreign languages with abundant specialized vocabulary. Since all information exchanged with customers is extremely important information that affects their business strategy as well as their investment plan, so make sure that, in any language, the job of a broker is to provide valuable and consistent information.


3. Time

Besides being ALWAYS on time, which is very obvious when working with any partner, there are still a few tips related to the issue of time when cooperating with foreign partners to increase credibility and professionalism.


Planning with a clear timeline: foreign partners care about the small details as well as the consistency of any project. So they always need a detailed plan with timelines from which to have a better overview of the entire project.

Keeping the promise of the deadline: because of language and cultural barriers, the only thing for the two sides to work together smoothly is the Planning Board with clearly defined tasks and deadlines for completion. You have to make sure it goes on schedule. However, if there is any delay, always actively update the deadline so that the partner can see that you are still sticking to the work and create peace of mind for the customer.

4. Problem-Solving

Unlike the retail business, the purchases take place very quickly, for the real estate brokerage field, it is a process that lasts months or even years depending on the size of the project. Therefore, there are many problems that arise. As a service provider, make sure you are always flexible for any situation and always prepare alternatives in advance so that when problems arise, you can quickly assist with the most comprehensive views to provide optimal results for customers.

Problem-solving skills when working with foreign business


Above are some common concerns of foreign customers. At Mizuland, we always want to bring professional experiences in which language will certainly not become a barrier to accompany our customers.

As an office leasing broker, Mizuland always looks at problems from more angles and works with a mindset of becoming a reliable bridge before, during, and after the service takes place and ends. Our ultimate aim is to find solutions and provide the best service to every customer whether a local or an ex-pat.



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