Mizuki Company

Started as a start-up company, MIZUKI’s business foundation based on honesty, prestige and commit to bring the high quality services for the customers. During the last two years, with a consistent direction in business, MIZUKI always proud of having been protecting and asserting company’s fame by unique core values and becoming comprehensive in the real estate field, starting with the commercial real estate.

Specially, MIZULAND – brand’s under MIZUKI Company Limited, has been developing significantly with pioneering achievements in Da Nang Market.

With the image of the first professional real estate consultancy firm in Da Nang, we strongly believe that in the future, MIZULAND will grow much stronger to affirm the position of a private service provider in consulting – distributing – leasing – trading and operating real estate for rent in Da Nang city in particular and Central market in general.

MIZULAND has been a partner of more than 120 standard and large buildings in Da Nang city with a variety of roles such as operation consulting, finding customers, image support, modern Marketing / Marketing for partners We have experience in cooperating with commercial real estate with big brands, prestige and quality in Da Nang market such as Luxury Office Building, GIC Office Building. Bulding, Phi Long Building, Petrolimex Building, F-Home Building, Vinh Trung Plaza Building, Phi Long Building, Indochina Building, One Opera Building …

By understanding the commercial real estate market deeply with the team of leaders with vision, professional management and a young, dynamic, creative workforce, inheriting experience in the field. Real Estate, MIZULAND is committed to bringing practical values ​​and harmonious benefits to customers, thereby contributing to promoting sustainable and long-term development.

In the future, MIZUKI COMPANY will promote the operation scope of its key brand – MIZULAND. We will constantly promote the brand image of MIZULAND as a supply solution, maximize the potential and respond more professionally to the needs of our customers and partners.