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Select Mizuland’s consulting service

Between these hundreds of classified ads, did it makes you have a headache?
Virtual images, virtual prices, general rental informations, and you have to repeat what you need to dozens of different brokers.

In a common way, when you looking for an office, the first thing you would do is start with classified ads, then go to see these offices which being rented in reality, and close the lease in one place, start to decor the furnitures, arrange tables for work, meeting rooms,..

With distinctive service of Mizuland, instead of showing you those offices one by one, we concentrate on shaping the needs and suggesting those real demands, we focus 80 % of energy on this stage cause we know this is the most important stage.

We are researching, suggesting with you together we will find out the real needs of your business!

We will help you by suggesting optimal, economical, and energetic workspaces for your team; We will recommend the number of meters of area that your business really need in short term and long term.

For businesses, we will make a list to compare those offices space currently for leasing, going to be leased with the criteria that interested you – price, area, utilities, building’s ecosystem and dozens of other sub-criteria on a table to compare those offices for renting, specifically for your Business.
For start-ups, moreover the traditional office rental products, we also suggest more convenient office models, shared office services, coworking space.
For innovative companies, we recommend to add pool, garden in the way of villa products that are being rented for you to have more choices.

We are confident with a database of thousands of rental products updated every hours, with a team of experienced consultants, Mizuland’s service will be your best choice.

After finding a few suitable office locations, we will help you with the following procedures:

  • Mizuland’s Design Department: Re-survey the site, double check the suitability and recommend the site layout based on reality to save the most.
  • Mizuland’s Legal Department in charge of drafting or checking the content of the Lease Contract.
  • Mizuland’s Counseling Department: Acting as a bridge to resolve issues in negotiating lease terms.
  • Mizuland’s Accounting Division Supporting registration procedures to move old office locations to new locations.

Our Service is the first professional office rental consulting service in Da Nang. The service has provided hundreds of customers over the past 3 years. And our service is completely free for Tenants.

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Free consulting service process

Please leave your inquiry information, our professional team will contact you to provide advice and assist to help you quickly find the property you want. Mizuland is committed to helping you choose the right product after 5 steps.

Receiving request

After acknowledging customer’s request and resources. We will conduct preliminary advice on available supply.


Mizuland with full market database, abundant and specialized human resources in the office will help customers to get information about suitable offices as fast as you can imagine. The process is done with these steps:

  • Screening buildings that fit the requirements
  • Work with the building owner to update vacant space, prices and other necessary information
  • Summarize and propose suitable options for hiring
  • Mange the schedule to see reality
  • Meet the person have authorization to work
  • Provide accurate information to customers to help they fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of each building
  • Provide objective assessments about the advantages and disadvantages of each building, helping customers choose the most appropriate building

Contact Mizuland for advices

Contact our consulting team to be able to support you the best. Please leave your information and needs, we will contact you immediately or you can call directly via the hotline below.