Đà Nẵng, Việt Nam

As a pioneer and professional in the field of renting hotel consulting, Mizuland positions itself as the first choice of hoteliers and tenants with the expertise from process to implementation:

Why should tenants choose MIZULAND?

  • Provide accurate information: information from overview to details of the hotel market, information of hotels on offer
  • Advice on costs such as operating and management costs
  • Survey and select products: products that meet tenants’ needs with large and diversified information offered
  • Professional and confidential working process, all transaction information will be completely confidential
  • Support handling legal procedures in the transaction process and some related procedures such as contracts, business licenses, …

Why should HOTEL OWNERS choose MIZULAND?

  • High information security: ensuring absolute confidentiality for hotel owners, only disclosing the information that has been allowed, not affecting other activities of the hotel
  • Properly assess tenants capacity and screen customers from the beginning, helping the investor to ensure the benefits and verify the tenant’s financial capacity.
  • Support to process and advise legal procedures in the transaction process and some related procedures



Mizuland not only provides short-term assistance on hotel rental, we also accompany you in many aspects regarding rent / lease that we have the expertise and experience:

  1. Legal Department: In charge of drafting or checking the content of the Lease Contract, extending the lease and liquidating the lease.
  2. Consulting Department: Surveying the hotel, reconfirming the suitability of the product and consulting operating on the most economical basis, serving as a bridge to solve problems in the negotiation process. terms in the lease.
  3. Accounting Department: Facilitating business location registration procedures
  4. Marketing Department: Support to promote your business on our media channels.

In particular, the cost for the entire hotel rental consulting services above is completely free. We have supported thousands of customers over the past 3 years, capturing Da Nang market information quickly and immediately.

Choice of Mizuland – Choosing professionalism and conscientiousness.




    Why should tenants choose Mizuland?


    1. Most of the current websites, rent information, area … are not updated periodically, or are inaccurate these directly affects the client’s search for office for lease

    – Mizuland commits that information about AREA, RENT … is exact information provided by the investor, is updated periodically to keep the freshness of information, we will be responsible for compensating the rent corresponding to 1m2 to the building which have false informationon our website. With the optimization of the filter, all you need to do is choose the AREA you want, the EXPECTED RENT, AREA … and the scheduling operation take only a short time.

    2. Waste time to see too many different building

    – Mizuland provides adequate building information before you go to see to choose the suitable building, especially our massive media store is made you to give you a panoramic and realistic view of buildings, then be able to immediately exclude unsuitable buildings to save time for shaping exact needs and directly see suitable buildings.

    3. The consultants don’t understand your rent demands and constantly send inappropriate rental information to you?

    – Mizuland always listens and understands your demand and request, we show up problems which can be occur and support you to come up with the most suitable solution.

    4. You have a problem when negotiating the rent, contract issue …. with the building owner.

    – With the advantage of being a reliable, long-term partner and regularly introducing tenants, Mizuland gets many incentives on rent. With more than 3400 transactions done, we are confident that we can help you and the building owner representative soon reach consensus and satisfaction for mutual benefits.

    5. You have no suggestion about the company designs, constructs or transports furniture

    • With a directory of reputable suppliers in the field of office leasing such as design, construction, transportation, and interior supply, we help you to choose a reputable unit and get advantages deals such as free designs, coupon purchases …

    You will have a comprehensive view of the office rental market in Da Nang to make your decision easier.

    For the tenant who is a Business Owner, you will receive a table comparing the office for rent that is being rented, about to be rented which is created exclusively for your business with the criteria that you are interested in about rent, area, utility, building ecology and dozens of other sub-criteria.

    For the start-up teams, in addition to the office rental system products, we have available a list of convenient office concept, shared office services, workspaces to diversify options.

    For the innovative companies, villa pool, garden villa is also a remarkable guide, Mizuland has synthesized and selected the best chooses which suit the speciific needs of each client.

    We are confident with a thousands of office blocks database being and arranged for rent that are updated every hour, with a team of experienced staff, Mizuland’s office for rent consulting service will help you find the most satisfied office.

    Not only provide short-term assistance in finding office rentals but also we accompany you in many aspects related to office leasing that we have the expertise and experience:

    Mizuland Legal department is responsible for modifying or checking the content of the lease contract, lease extension and liquidation lease.

    Mizuland Consulting Department surveys the premises, reconfirms the suitability of the plan and suggests the best way to organize the premise, help to solve problems during discussion of terms and conditions in contract.

    Mizuland Accounting Department supports the registration process to change old office into new ones.

    Marketing Department Mizuland supports creating articles promoting your business on our media channels. Especially, the expense for the whole office rental consulting services mentioned above is completely free. Mizuland provides the first professional office rental consulting service in Da Nang. We have supported a thousand of clients over 3 past years, captured information about Da Nang office market quickly and immediately.

    Choose Mizuland – you choose professional and conscientious service.


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